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Sales TermsOrder consultationReturns repair

The buyer does one of the following behaviors,means that it accepts the provision of our company's order contract,Including these terms:

(A) Sign on the contract with the contract, and stamp it back;

(b)  Accept the delivery of all or some products;

(d) Pay for all or part of the product;

(E) In other ways, the buyer accepts this contract

Any time before the buyer accepts the buyer,You can revoke the offer for its products,Our contract includes the following requirements:

Product Modification: 

Products in the directory may stop production,Upgrade or partial design change。Do not notify separately。

Product price: 

Use the RMB to do the price unit,Contains 13%VAT,No freight。(Delivery in Shenzhen)

Payment method: 

Bank of Electric Exchange/Transfer, Cash.

Delivery time: 

After the payment or confirm the order,Delivery on the day with inventory,Delivery time without inventory is about 2 weeks,The final delivery time is based on our company's final confirmation。

Return and replacement: 

After receiving the goods within 10 days,Used for the first box,Discover quality problems,and identified by Shenzhen Taijia Quality Inspection Department,Give refund。During the warranty period,Under normal use,​​Quality problems,Our company will give maintenance or replacement according to the situation。If there is no quality problem or over the warranty period,All expenses (such as freight,Inspection fee) The customer shall bor it by itself。

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